My pregnancy was what most would consider perfect. Besides getting a lot of migraine headaches I rarely felt any morning sickness.  I was full of energy all through my pregnancy, gained weight accordingly and Hannah looked great in all her ultrasounds.

I was enjoying my pregnancy very much. I shared the gender news with family and friends during an intimate gender reveal party.

After that  first kick Hannah became more and more active. She moved so much through the day that I never had the need to track her kicks as the baby books say.That is until July 19th 2016. The day my nightmare began.

July 19th began as a typical day. I woke up as usual came to work and had a busy day that included an hour meeting. A meeting where my pregnancy was announced to the entire department. Later that day I remember not feeling much movement but I didn’t think much of it. That next morning I woke up not feeling my usual morning kicks. My husband told me I am sure she`s okay but call the doctor once you get to work ( I work at the hospital). Once at work I answered a few emails and then made the call. The Nurse told me to go up to labor and delivery to get checked.

I remember walking the hallway so nervous I felt like puking. Once at Labor and delivery I was directed to a small room. The tech got her Doppler and immediately began to look for a heartbeat.She tried and tried. I asked is everything okay she told me yes I am going to go get a better machine and came in with a doctor. He then tried with an Ultrasound machine. A few seconds later I heard the words that no expecting mother wants to hear ” I am so sorry but there is no heartbeat”

At that moment my world came to an end.

I screamed for my husband , I screamed so hard.